Organic Spearmint plant

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Key features of our Organic Spearmint plant:

  • Potted with rich compost and fertiliser.
  • Tolerant to sunlight and warm weather.
  • Home delivery available in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.
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Available at Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.

Go green, protect the environment and stay healthy. Spearmint has multiple health benefits besides adding freshness with mild aroma in your garden or office.

Fresh spearmint can be used in a variety of recipes. Some people use spearmint to help alleviate symptoms of nausea, indigestion, gas, headache, toothache, cramps, and sore throat.

Mint like spearmint is known to provide good benefits for our well being and many ancient Greeks have passed the tradition of cooking with spearmint. In Greek dishes spearmint is used in dishes with cheese, tomatoes or tomato sauces, rice and meat dishes.

Spearmint has a cooling effect and it tastes sweet as well. It is mostly added to the last part of the cooking process to make the dish tastier like pastas or fish. Spearmint is also typically added to lamb recipes. It is also best added to fruit salads, potatoes and peas. There are leaves that are steeper and they are added to cream to make mint chocolates.

This plant is potted with rich compost soil and fertilizer in a small pot with excellent drainage. You will witness the entire pot completely covered with it’s beautiful green leaves within 3 months. Moreover, within 6 months it will reproduce new branches. Ideal for your house, kitchen window or in the balcony. It is a good pick for office or shop decor as it requires minimal maintenance and care. You would only need to water twice a week. Place it in a bright spot, but avoid direct sunlight because Spearmint grows best in bright sunlight. Roots need to stay moist, but be careful that you do not add too much water in it.

Please pm If you wish to place an order. More than one available.

I can arrange for delivery at your door-step, If you are busy at work. Home delivery is available within Johor Bahru and nearby locations. Charges will depend upon the distance from Masai, @ RM10 to RM30. So better buy lots of plants and other products from my listing to cover the delivery charges.

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