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Key features of our Cactus:

  • Potted with rich compost, coal, sand, pebbles and fertiliser.
  • Tolerant to bright sunlight and warm weather.
  • Indoor and Outdoor ornamental plant.
  • Home delivery available in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.
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Available at Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.

An exotic cactus for indoor or outdoor decoration. Place it at your office desk or on an eye-catching spot in the drawing room. Potted in rich compost, sand, charcoal and pebbles. It requires minimal attention and care. Water once a week. Use a spray bottle if possible or simply pour enough water to make the top layer wet. Cacti  and succulents require bright light, so make sure to place in a bright spot.

Home delivery is available within Johor Bahru and nearby locations. Charges will be calculated on the distance from Masai to your residence (RM10 to RM30). Buy multiple products with no additional delivery charges.

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