Baby Pineapple Tree

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Key features of our Baby Pineapple Tree:

  • Potted with rich compost and fertiliser.
  • Tolerant to bright sunlight and warm weather.
  • Home delivery available in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.
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Available at Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and nearby locations.

Environmental protection, sustainable development and controlling negative externalities is our social responsibility towards the wider community. We can easily ignore these social concerns because of our busy lifestyle. I believe that all of us cultivate a small change in our thinking into “think green”, “go green”, “save the planet” and “plant new trees”. Well, I have decided to contribute a portion of my personal time and effort to support this cause by not only germinating seeds but propagating trees and house plants. I use pots from the nursery and recycle plastic bottles and containers for potting these Pineapple trees. I look forward to your kind support and encouragement for this project.

Here’s a friendly little baby Pineapple plant grown at home with rich compost, soil and fertilizer in a pot. It will mature into a tree with delicious, large green guavas. You can transfer it into a larger pot or grow it directly in rich soil. You can also leave it as it is for one year in it’s plastic pot. It is tolerant to bright sunlight and heat. Keep it in a sunny spot at your window, garden or balcony while it is still an infant. Ideal for your garden when matured into a full grown tree.

Home delivery is available within Johor Bahru and nearby locations. Charges will be calculated on the distance from Masai to your residence (RM10 to RM30). Buy multiple products with no additional delivery charges.

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Recycled Bottle, Pot Size: 4”x4.5”, Pot Size: 6.5”x9.5”, Pot Size: 8”x10.5”


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