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PARRISA 21 leather fashionista www.parrisa.co.uk

Stylish. Practical. Innovative.

At PARRISA 21, we are devoted follower of fashion, just like you. Leather fashionista is our craze, passion and something that truly defines us.

Our selection of Leather products is inspired by the past, designed for the present, and built for the future. We ensure our products come with a lifetime guarantee to share your journey of curiosity, discovery, and connection.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a leather jacket, you know it’s not a simple proposition. There are a lot of options out there — and many of them are questionable.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff takes time and care, and generally those remaining good options won’t be cheap.

Is it worth the bother?

For a man who’s ready to make a serious investment, and who wants a strong style statement that’ll stay in his wardrobe for decades, the answer is a definite yes.

Leather coats are masculine; it’s just that simple.

At PARRISA 21, we work with leather manufacturers across the globe who are best suited to make each of our products; using the most steadfast production methods to support our 100% lifetime guarantee. We continue to make classic clothing that we are proud to put our name on and pledge to offer you honest value in quality, durability and craftsmanship.

Due to changing global requirements the quest for excellence and perfection never ends. We collaborate with leather manufacturers who continue to create a new standard for Leather & Textile Garments in order to provide the best professional clothing.

Our skilled suppliers with their extraordinary workmanship are investing their energies and ideas to develop a new range of products with an innovative and stylistic touch and are raising the standard quality to the entire satisfaction of our customers around the Globe. Because of their untiring efforts and excellence process, our products have become a hallmark of excellence and standard quality, and are shining brightly on the firmament of achievements and success. We are proud to say that we work with leather manufacturers whose products are being supplied to the major marketing brands around the world.

We hope you feel a sense of pride after wearing our leather garments and get noticed.

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