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Natural Crystal Rock Salt Products

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Natural Crystal Rock Salt Products for a healthy life-style!

What is Natural Crystal Rock Salt also widely know as Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt?
Every day miners make a long and slow journey deep into the renowned salt mines in Pakistan. Their mission – to bring forth natures purest and potent mineral “Natural Crystal Rock Salt”, formed over thousands of years ago, when the suns light and energy dried up the primal ocean. Preserved for millions of years Natural Crystal Rock Salt is free from all kinds of pollutants and is recommended and used as a natural promoter of heath and wellness by individuals via air ionization, eradicating pollutants. The special properties in the Natural Crystal Rock Salt consist of negatively charged ions that act on the positive contaminants and pollutants in the air neutralizing and weighing them down. Due to this occurrence, individuals can breathe more easily, as symptoms of ailments and allergens are controlled and filtered from the air towards health and wellness!

How does Natural Crystal Rock Salt benefit me? Are you exposed directly or indirectly to anyone of the following conditions?
To indicate a few:

  • Sinusitis and or asthma?
  • Increase or increased nervousness?
  • Stress?
  • Improper or lack of sufficient sleep?
  • Concentrating issues?
  • Constant and heavy usage/application of electronic gadgets/devices at home/office, omitting EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)?
  • Dust environments?
  • Indoor dust, smoke, pet dander?
  • Pollen, dust mites and other irritants provoking allergic reaction?

Natural Crystal Rock Salt actually helps in improving the quality of air in one’s surroundings of irritants that provoke allergic reaction in your home or office, especially for people suffering from asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory issues.
Remember – Electronic Devices in Your Surroundings, are Depriving You of Pure Air!!

How does this Pure Potent Mineral Provide Rejuvenation Benefits?
The beneficial properties of Natural Crystal Rock Salt have been well known and documented since the beginning of recorded history! For years, European countries have used salt mines and hot salt springs to promote a sense of rejuvenation. People travel the extra mile to take a retreat at these Natural Crystal Rock Salt mines and caves, to help aid their mood and overall sense of calm. The very dry, negative ion environment of the mine and or cave, naturally provides all the required benefits, particularly for patients with respiratory disorder!

Discover the Soothing and Decorative Way to Help Reduce Pollutants, Allergies and Electro-Smog in your Home or Office and Enhance your Well-being.

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Natural Crystal Rock Salt is available in an array of products:

1.Natural Lamps / Tea Lights
2.Feng Shui Geometrical Shape Lamps
3.Edible / Gourmet Salts
4.Kitchenware Salts
5.Health Salts
6.Bath / Spa Salts
7.Salt Tiles / Bricks
8.Animal Salts
9.USB Salt Lamps

For more details and how to buy in bulk, can you please contact:
Mr. Edwin Wylde, Chief Executive RVW INT’L.

Natural Salts Creations a product by RVW INT’L, is a ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) & ISO 22000:2005 (Food Management & Safety + HACCP) Certified Company.

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