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Fashion over style. Exclusive wardrobe essentials for a trendy generation.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Oscar Wilde.

“Orange is the happiest colour.” Frank Sinatra

“Women who wear black live colourful lives.” Neiman Marcus

My Design philosophy

My Design Philosophy: “Fashion is Art! It is harnessed  creativity that reflects our life style. Fashion is believed to be short lived since it fades away with the passage of time revealing the elegance of its exquisiteness and splendour in its entirety. In its span of subsistence, fashion is similar to the fragrance of flowers as it exposes and develops the magnificence of its creation.”

My inclination towards fashion is a natural transition since I feel this as an inborn talent that I discovered in 2001. Having, had a successful launch of PARRISA in Lahore, Pakistan in 2001, I managed to display my shirts in the most fashion oriented markets of Lahore. Fashion shoots for PARRISA had been a vital part of leading fashion magazines in Pakistan. With a positive response from both local and international clientele, I took a a step further towards the global market.

“My aim with the launch of PARRISA 21 is to maintain a traditional excellence in creating exclusive range of outfits for the sophisticated niche. Following Western styles blended with a touch of the East, I  cover a wide range of the fashion-seeking segment, in such a way so as to produce the right design; one that is self explanatory, ravishing and stunning at the same time.”

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